Pinole Seals Swim Club Mission

The Pinole Seals Swim Club is dedicated to providing a high quality, competitive swim team. The swim team shall be operated in a manner so as to teach children the value of teamwork, commitment, and the dedication to the task of accomplishing individual and common goals and objectives. The team shall also be operated so as to teach the physical skills necessary to compete in a competitive swimming environment.


  • To provide the youth of West Contra Costa County and adjacent communities with the opportunity to learn competitive swimming skills and to participate on a swim team.
  • To teach the youth the physical and mental skills necessary to successfully participate as a member of a team in a competitive swim environment.
  • To teach the youth the value of physical and mental preparation, the value of individual goal-setting, and the self-discipline and fortitude necessary to accomplish those goals.
  • To provide the youth an opportunity to learn personal and interpersonal social skills.
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Register for 2016 swim season (under construction)

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